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EPA Lauds Six Retailers for Energy Achievements

April 21, 2011

Food Lion, JCPenney, Lowe’s, Kohl’s, Staples and Sears were the only six retailers out of more than 100 companies that achieved 2011 Energy Star Awards, honoring their various levels of contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency.

Energy Star logoTop honors went to Food Lion and JCPenney, which each received the Energy Star Award for Sustained Excellence. Forty-four other companies also achieved this award that recognized “long-term commitment to protecting our environment through superior energy efficiency,” according to EPA. “These winners exhibit outstanding leadership and achievement year after year.”

The Food Lion Family, including Bloom, and Bottom Dollar Food, operating 1,300 grocery stores in 11 southeast and mid-Atlantic sites “takes great pride in its energy program and considers energy management to be a cornerstone of its operational strategy.” The grocer’s award stems from its“consistent reductions in energy consumption and strong commitment to strategic energy management practices.”

Key accomplishments include reducing energy consumption by more than 25 percent, and adding more than $59 million to its bottom line since 2000. The company also earned the Energy Star for 66 additional stores in 2010, bringing the total to 1,044 certified stores and successfully executed a pilot program to measure the impact of installing glass doors on medium-temperature cases, reducing energy consumption for the refrigeration system by more than 30 percent with a net neutral sales impact. Overall, Food Lion increased its portfolio-wide average Energy Star score by five points over 2009 to 84, with 89 percent of eligible stores scoring over a 75 on EPA's Energy Star performance scale.

JCPenney, with more than 1,100 in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, received accolades for “all aspects of its energy management program and has achieved impressive results year after year,” EPA said. Key accomplishments include implementing an aggressive 5-year energy strategy to reduce the company's energy consumption 20 percent by 2015 and earning the Energy Star at 99 stores in 2010 for a total of 204 certified stores since 2007. The company also yielded impressive results through its Advanced Energy Management program, with 52 newly participating stores reducing energy consumption by 8.9 percent over the energy strategy baseline year of 2008.

Lowe’s also received the Energy Star Award for Sustained Excellence, pertaining primarily to its in-store marketing and merchandising efforts at its 1,725 home improvement stores. Key accomplishments include integrating Energy Star into its national corporate marketing strategy through the Efficient Home and "Build Your Savings" programs that have represented the retailer's go-to-market platform for addressing the growing energy and water efficiency consumer market. Lowe’s also continues to expand its selection of Energy Star qualified products.

Partner of the Year Awards
Staples, Kohl’s and Sears all earned Energy Star Partner of the Year Awards, along with 41 other non-retail companies. This award recognizes “partners for strategically and comprehensively managing energy use and promoting Energy Star products and practices in their own operations and/or providing efficient product and services to consumers and within their communities,” according to EPA.

Staples’ award was in recognition of “its commitment to and success in increasing the energy efficiency of its buildings and its dedication to promoting the importance of energy efficiency to employees and customers.” Key accomplishments include earning the Energy Star for more than 135 buildings including stores, warehouses, and distribution centers in 2010, making significant progress toward the corporate goal of 500 certified buildings by 2012.

The office supply chain also improved retail store energy intensity (kBtu per square foot) by more than 14 percent since 2009, and starting an energy awareness and management initiative in its 200 distribution centers. Staples also offers more than 600 retail products that have earned the Energy Star.

Kohl's received its award for “its continued commitment to maximizing energy efficiency and for communicating the value of environmental stewardship to customers and the general public,” according to EPA. Key accomplishments include earning the Energy Star at 196 stores in 2010 for a total of 563 certified sites, and surpassing its 2 percent energy reduction goal for 2010 by reducing energy use on a Btu per square foot basis by 2.4 percent compared to 2009. The company also upgraded Energy Management Systems at 150 stores and initiated a nine-month Energy Challenge for all of its electric utility representatives.

Sears received its award for “leadership in merchandising a broad selection of Energy Star qualified products, and promoting Energy Star through a variety of customer channels.”