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Women Prefer Environmentally Friendly Packaging, Men Convenience

April 21, 2011

Women are 14 percent more likely than men to select environmentally friendly packaging over conventional and more convenient alternatives, while men select products packaged to provide greater convenience.

Overall, when it comes to convenience versus conscience debate, however, people are fairly evenly split when it comes to making food and beverage packaging decisions, according to a recent study of 1,011 adults commissioned by the IP Solutions business of Thomson Reuters.

“The industry is headed in the direction of providing both convenient packaging and conscientious protection of the environment, satisfying both needs rather than making it an either/or decision,” according to the report.

The research also identifies a “green labeling loophole,” and said lack of standards in the packaging industry over “what constitutes an environmentally-friendly package has resulted in ambiguity as to which packages really are green.”

The research also noted leadership among consumer-facing companies including Procter & Gamble, Kraft Foods and Mars Inc. as “the top business-to-consumer filers of design patents in terms of their packaging innovation, while others such as Reynolds, Solo Cup Company and Nestle are the leading consumer product companies filing for protection of packaging-related trademarks.”

The top business-to-business packaging innovators that supply the consumer product companies include Dianippon Printing, Toppan Printing and Yoshino Kogyosho (Yoshino Plastics).

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